The bar/bat mitzvah ceremony celebrates a Jewish boy/girl’s 13th birthday (on the Hebrew calendar) and his/her elevation to adult status in Judaism. The ceremony includes the young person leading the congregation in the Shabbat service and reading from the Torah. Gifts of Judaic ritual items or money is traditional.


A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl. As per the Bible’s instructions, the rectangular tallit has fringes attached to each of its four corners. These serve to remind the Jew of God and His commandments, as well as a garment one can wear to create a sense of personal space during prayer. We have tallit both feminine and masculine from $60 to $600, many made in Israel.


Also called a ‘pointer’ – the reading of the Torah requires a yad so the parchment is not touched by the oils of a person’s skin. Yads come in metal, wood, plain, or ornate.


A kippah (plural, kippot; skullcap or yarmulke) is a small hat or head-covering. The head of the reader of the Torah is covered with a kippah, but often all guests are offered a colorful kippah stamped with the child’s name and date as a keepsake.


To aid in keeping the tallit on, a tallit clip is a great gift; to help keep the kippah on, a kippah clip or two helps! Judaic Treasures carries many gift and money cards for both Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Tzedakah boxes, the lucite box containing the entire mini-paper Torah, kiddush cups, and Judaic emblem jewelry are all great commemorative gifts.