Since not EVERYTHING in our homes is for Judaic ritual use, Judaic Treasures has gifts for all uses within our home and for our friends.

Dog & Cat Toys

For our Jewish home pets we have chew toys with Judaic meaning for their individual play and for us to throw and play fetch with them. We also have vinyl dog bowls to take to the park to give our furry friend a drink when they get thirsty!

Gift Ideas

Ideas run the gamut from our metal ‘Peetzah Pete’ (pizzah/quiche cutter) to our vinyl flower vases and luminary lanterns. Glass and pottery 1” stones with sayings are fun to give and display. Give a special quilling art card and set it off with a frame for display on a wall or table so they will think of you. For a special gift consider our selections of colorful blown glass vases and bowls.

Calendars and Cards