Shabbat (also known as “Shabbos” or the “Sabbath”) is a weekly 25-hour observance, from just before sundown each Friday through the completion of nightfall on Saturday. It is the centerpiece of Jewish life, and has been so since the infancy of our nation. We celebrate with a family and friends’ meal by lighting festival candles, wine, a braided bread known as challah (which is covered with a challah cover so it’s not embarrassed by the other blessings that come before it). Also customary is to give a contribution to charity before the meal with a tzedakah box passed around. We end the Festival with Havdalah with a braided multi-wick candle, wine, and spices.


A 4-piece havdalah set is used to hold the multi-wick candle, the wine cup, and the spices on the plate where the wine is spilled to extinguish the candle for a good week! Havdalah candles can be round or flat and come in many different color variations! We have many to choose from!


Two candles are always lit for Shabbat. Candlesticks can be glass, metal, clay, ceramic, wood, and plain to very ornate. Judaic Treasures features them all!

Kiddush Cups

Shabbat begins with the blessing over wine. Our wine cups come in many textures from $28 on up.


Sold in tapered pairs, sets of ornate colorful sets of four, by the dozen, or a box of 72 plain for 36 weeks (most are from Safed, Israel).


We have many more items ranging from challah covers to cover your pair of braided loaves of bread (designs range from plain to ornate), kippot to cover your head as you say the prayers, tzedakah boxes to place your coin for charity, and lucite boxes containing the entire mini-Torah scroll (engraving separate and optional).